In a short meeting Tuesday, the Rio Rancho Planning and Zoning Board approved a master plan, three zoning requests and elected the board chair and vice chair.

The board approved a request from AMREP Southwest to change zoning in the Mountain Hawk development from C-1 Retail Commercial and R-2 Single-Family Residential to R-4 Single-Family and R-6 Multi-Family Residential. Mountain Hawk is in the area of U.S. 550 and Westphalia Boulevard.

The board also approved a request from Hanna’s Run, LLC, to change zoning from high-density residential and Neighborhood Commercial to Medium Density Residential in the Sierra Vista Specific Area, in the Paseo del Volcan and Unser area.

Additionally, the board approved the two other requests from Hanna’s Run, LLC: The Hyde Park Master Plan in the Sierra Vista area and a zoning change request. Zoning in portions of the Hyde Park Master Plan would change from Transitional Zoning, Commercial, and Multi-family to R-4 Single-Family.

Prior to the final vote, both Chair Fred Radosevich and Vice Chair Cheryl Baker congratulated staff on submitting “a very well-prepared document.”

Radosevich said although he wasn’t generally a fan of R-4 zoning, in this case it made sense.

Baker said that the reason there were so few questions in response to the request for the Master Plan and zoning changes was that the supporting documents were so thorough.

After the board approved the final request from Hanna’s Run, Radosevich moved on to the election of officers.

Both Radosevich and Baker were nominated and re-elected.

Joking, Radosevich said, “[I] won by a landslide,” then later, still joking, added, “Probably the only thing I’ve ever won.”