A brief comment to Mr. Schlichte’s letter about abortion (in the May 22 edition of the Observer):

Unfortunately, his rebuttal was exactly what I expected; he hit all the dog whistles: “baby made in the image of God,” a reference to the Declaration of Independence, Nazis and slavery.

And of course, a woman is just a vessel to carry a baby “on God’s behalf.” This, according to Mr. Schlichte, is “science.”

Our country is made up of people of different faiths or no faith at all.

Jewish law does not consider the fetus to be a being with a soul until it is born.

To those who believe abortion is a “sin” against their religious beliefs, I respect that. What I can’t respect is forcing your beliefs onto others.

Practice, preach and live your life. No one should stop you from this.

But, please, don’t expect an entire diverse nation to have to live by your rules. We are not sinners, killers or traitors.

Just ordinary citizens living our lives according to our beliefs and actual science.

Lynne Clark