Two women are facing multiple charges after being caught shoplifting.

Angel Cordova, 34, and Dominique Armijo, 26, were arrested March 30 for shoplifting and of possession of a controlled substance at the Walgreens at Southern Blvd. and NM 528.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the Rio Rancho Police Department, dispatchers received a call from Walgreens in reference to two women concealing items.

When officers arrived, they spoke with a Walgreens employee about the incident. They said the two suspects were concealing items in a handbag. Officers waited outside for them.

Armijo exited first and triggered the theft alarm. Officers stopped her and found $580.31 worth of items in her bag. They also saw an open bag in her car that had fentanyl and needles in it, along with a white powder thought to be meth, a black tar substance that was presumed to be heroin and white rocks that looked like cocaine.

Armijo was charged with shoplifting over $500 and four counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Cordova was the second to exit. Police stopped her with a bucket full of unpaid items. They also found fentanyl in her pocket.

Due to concern for previous injuries, Cordova was transferred to a hospital and summoned for one count of possession of a controlled substance and shoplifting.

If convicted, Armijo and Cordova face anywhere from a couple days to 10 years or more in prison for possession and six months for shoplifting.