According to Rio Rancho Police Department criminal complaint records, Klarissa Garcia, 29, of Albuquerque, was issued a summons after threatening a shooting and shoplifting from Smith’s on NM 528 May 11.

At about 3:30 p.m., officers responded to a call referencing threats and harassment. Officers contacted the store security guard, who stated that Garcia had a shopping cart full of items and did not go through any of the registers to check out. Security stated they knew she was not going to pay for the items and went out of the store to wait for her.

Garcia proceeded to walk out of the store with the shopping cart full of items that were not bagged or purchased. Security approached Garcia in the parking lot and confronted her regarding the stolen items, telling her she could not take the items as she had not paid for them, and grabbed the shopping cart.

Garcia could not provide security with a receipt for any of the items in the cart and asked the security guard if he valued his life more than the items in the cart. She said her boyfriend was in the car and was going to come back and shoot up the store and the security guard. Garcia then let go of the cart and walked away as security took the cart back into the store.

Security said they called 911 because the statement Garcia made about having her boyfriend shoot up the store concerned him. A store associate scanned all the items in the shopping cart, which totaled $822.25 in value before tax ($872.98 after tax).

Officers asked security if they were able to see the store’s security cameras in order to identify Garcia, and he stated the manager was not in the store at the time and he needed her permission. Security said officers should come back the next day.

When officers followed up, they were able to see Garcia walking out of the store with the shopping cart full of items she had not paid for at 3:21 p.m. May 11.

A few days later officers responded to an unrelated call  a few days later at the Circle K on Ridgecrest Drive SE. Joshua Mendoza and Garcia were found in a stolen car.

Garcia took off in the car as officers were attempting to detain her, and officers identified her as the shoplifter from Smith’s when checking her driver’s license.

Mendoza was asked about the shoplifting from Smith’s, and he said Garcia had shoplifted from the location the day prior and they were going to shoplift again from Target. He was asked about the threats of shooting the store made by Garcia, and he denied knowing about any thing about the threats that she had made to the security guard. He said the threats were Garcia’s threats and not his.

Garcia has not been taken into custody. She will be summoned to the Sandoval County Magistrate Court for shoplifting (over $500) and making shooting threats.

Making a shooting threat is a federal crime, therefore Garcia could face up to five years on that charge and an additional six months for the shoplifting.