A man is facing jail time for battery after a 2022 altercation outside a marijuana dispensary.

Officers issued a summons to David Ekvixaysack, of Albuquerque, for reportedly punching a woman in the face twice on June 19, 2022, at the PurLife Dispensary on Golf Course Road over a marijuana discount.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Rio Rancho Police Department, a woman and her nephew were at PurLife making a purchase. The woman waited outside while he was inside.

The nephew saw his aunt get into an argument with a man, later identified as Ekvixaysack, and went out to see what was going on once he finished his purchase.

The aunt, shoeless, went up to Ekvixaysack and asked if he would make an order for her so she could use him as a referral for a discount. Ekvixaysack was angry because she didn’t know how to make an order and that she wasn’t wearing shoes, according to the report.

The nephew then saw Ekvixaysack punch her in the face twice with a closed fist.

Ekvixaysack then reportedly drove away in a white Honda with a woman and two children inside.

He left the scene before officers arrived, but the aunt caught the altercation on video with her phone. EMS treated her on scene for jaw pain and transported her to Presbyterian Rust Medical Center. The punches re-opened old injuries.

The aunt identified Ekvixaysack for police by finding him in a crime log. Police were able to match photos she took to their database as well.

Ekvixaysack was summoned for aggravated battery on June 19, 2022. RRPD arrested him on March 16 this year.

If Ekvixaysack is found guilty, he could serve up to one year for a full misdemeanor or up to three for a felony.