Katherine Ceja, about 32, of Missouri, was arrested for robbery at the Loma Colorado Main Library Au. 24.

Officers responded to the library for a reported fight between two females with one of them possibly hitting the other’s vehicle. They were advised that Ceja was leaving in a U-Haul van.

As officers arrived on the scene, they saw the white U-Haul leaving the library and and pulled it over. Ceja got out of the van and admitted that the other female was accusing her of hitting her mirror with the U-Haul van door. Officers also found a black smartphone in the U-Haul, which belonged to the other woman. Ceja admitted to taking the phone from her.

According to the police report, the two women got into an argument and started recording each other. In the video from the phone, the other woman is filming the door to the U-Haul when takes her phone from her hand. The other woman stated Ceja then got into the U-Haul with her phone. The driver’s window was open, so she tried to retrieve her phone from Ceja’s lap. Ceja then bit her hand, so she pulled her hair. As she was standing between her car and the U-Haul, Ceja put the U-Haul in reverse with the door still open and left, causing moderate damage to the woman’s car before Ceja drove out of the parking lot and was pulled over.

Ceja was charged with robbery and faces up to three years in jail if convicted.