An Albuquerque woman is facing several charges in Rio Rancho after attempting to ram a police car and a following pursuit.

According to a criminal complaint filed with Rio Rancho Police Department, an officer was out on duty Jan. 5 looking at a suspicious vehicle when another vehicle passed them at a high rate of speed. The officer got into their vehicle and follow the car, which pulled into the parking lot of Good 2 Go on Unser Blvd.

The driver, Erika Mendez, 33, of Albuquerque, then allegedly drove toward the officer, according to the report. “The vehicle proceeded to head my way and pulled next to the passenger side of my marked police unit. I was able to get a good look at the driver as she stared at me, then smirked briefly before she revved the engine and accelerated her vehicle towards mine,” the complaint states.

The officer then says that because they feared she would strike them, maneuvered the vehicle out of the way, and pulled around to try to get her license plate down. The two vehicles circled each other until the officer pulled away on Unser Blvd. The woman caught up at a high rate of speed.

As the officer was calling out the information, she got close enough to hit the police unit again, forcing the officer to swerve the police unit so it wouldn’t get hit.

The officer was able to get behind the vehicle once more and saw Mendez almost hit another vehicle which “just so happened to be an Albuquerque Police Unit” stopped at the red light at Unser and Southern blvds.

The woman ran through the red light and almost hit right-of-way vehicles.

The officer was able to get the license plate number at that point and attempted to perform a traffic stop after Cabezon Blvd. on Unser Blvd.

Mendez stopped briefly but continued to travel southbound on Unser. She then threw a glass bottle out the window toward the police unit, causing them swerve out of the way and disengage from the chase.

The Albuquerque Police unit continued to chase the woman. She traveled into Albuquerque, where she was finally detained on Jan. 6.

Rio Rancho charged Mendez with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting, evading or obstructing an officer. She was also charged with littering due to the glass bottle being thrown.