Roxann Herrera, about 42, of Rio Rancho, was arrested for two counts of trafficking drugs and three counts of possession of firearms on May 31.

According to a criminal complaint filed with the Sandoval County Magistrate Court in Bernalillo, Herrera’s probation/parole supervisor (PPS) called to report she had reported to the office and was found with a large amount of fentanyl pills and some handguns, among other items.

The PPS told officers that Herrera was arrested for a parole violation earlier that day. She had been arrested in 2021 for another drug trafficking incident.

Due to her parole violation, officers searched her vehicle. They found the fentanyl pills, a rock-like substance believed to be methamphetamine and a handgun.They also found a jar of pills they couldn’t identify at the time.

The PPS requested officers search her home as they believed there were more firearms and drugs there. They recovered three more handguns and more fentanyl during the search.

Officers collected more than 1,400 fentanyl pills, more than15 grams of meth and three handguns, one of which had its serial number ground off.

If convicted, Herrera will face north of 40 years in jail total.