Debreana Rael, about 39, of Rio Rancho, was arrested for receiving stolen property Oct. 18.

On Oct. 16, officers responded to a fraud call at Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union, where Raul was at the drive-thru was attempting to cash a stolen check in the amount of $683.03.

Officers were able to intercept as Raul attempted to leave the area in her black PT Cruiser. She said she had received a check after working for a lady named “Mary.” According to her, she cleaned Mary’s yard and disposed of the trash the prior week. However, Rael was not able to give officers the address; all she could tell them was that the residence where she worked was near Rio Grande Blvd. in Albuquerque.

Rael advised she did not get paid on the last day that she worked but was asked to meet with “Mary” at a Starbucks on Fourth Street in Albuquerque. Rael said she did not know Mary`s last name but had her phone number.

Officers attempted to call the number given by Rael, and a man answered the phone. According to him, “Mary” was his grandmother, but he did not know her last name either and she was not present.

The bank manager said “Mary” is one of its members  had recently been a victim of a burglary in Albuquerque where her checkbook was taken. “Mary” notified the bank to change her account. When Rael attempted to cash the check from “Mary,” the bank manager said they called her to verify if the check was actually signed by her. “Mary” said she had not written a check in a very long time.

According to the bank manager, another attempt to cash one of “Mary’s” checks was made over the weekend. In that incident, another woman tried to cash the check, but when she was asked for a Social Security number, the woman left the bank and did not return. She was seen getting in a PT Cruiser similar to the one that Rael was in.

“Mary” told officers she didn’t have anyone do work for her, nor had she written anyone a check.

If convicted, Rael could face a year or more in prison.