Jemez Mountain Brewhouse owner, Scott Johnson, called police about a burglary that occurred the night before, according to a Sandoval County July 8 Criminal Complaint.

Johnson was notified by his staff that the restaurant was found in a messy state, food and money were stolen as well as an iPad. Jemez Springs staff also discovered wet clothes in the women’s bathroom and the iPad wrapped in tour guides on the bathroom counter, according to the complaint.

Video surveillance, viewed by police, showed that only one woman had been in and out of the restaurant and bathroom, Katrina Toledo. The report states that she stole food and wine from the restaurant and went to the Jemez Hot Springs for a swim in her clothes. She returned to the restaurant and took off her wet clothes. She stole a company T-shirt and began traveling on foot southbound on Highway 4.

Sandoval County officers got a call from a Jemez Springs employee saying he saw Toledo running on Highway 4. Officers drove to the location to look for her. When they spotted her, she saw them and proceeded to run up and down the stretch of highway and eventually into a ditch. Officers called for back-up and searched for her. Jemez Pueblo Police were able to detain her and put her in the back of the Sandoval County police unit car.

They asked her if she had been drinking, to she said she hadn’t. She claimed to never have been in the restaurant. She was transported to Sandoval County Detention Center.

If Toledo is charged with burglary, evading an officer, tampering with evidence and receiving stolen property, she could face up to three years in prison.