A Sandoval County Sheriff Department’s Deputy was dispatched to a man’s home in Placitas on August 3 on to a report that a woman had broken into the man’s guest house/garage area.

Upon arrival, the deputy saw that a woman named Ann Borgia was detained and was being checked in the back seat of a unit by a first-responder from the Sandoval County Fire Department. Borgia had signs of some type of injury, but would not say what happened. She refused medical treatment and transport to a hospital.

When the deputy interviewed the man, he said he saw Borgia in his garage looking through boxes. According to the report, the man asked Borgia what she was doing in the garage. He said she told him that she needed a safe place and needed some clothes. He asked what happened to her and she said she was “beat up but would not say who beat her up,” the report said.

According to the report, Borgia refused to cooperate and was placed under arrest for breaking and entering the garage. This is a fourth degree felony and Borgia could face up to 18 months in jail plus a fine up to $5,000.