Is civility missing in society?

I ask this question at this time due to incidents about people not wearing masks and not being vaccinated during this COVID-19 virus. We have witnessed uncivil acts, as shown on the news media.

They have taken place at school board meetings, city council meetings, airplanes, buses and other public places.

During the Spanish flu pandemic, we have documented photos of doctors, nurses and many other medical workers wearing masks. Why did they wear masks then? It was proven as a means of protection against the flu pandemic.

Civility is defined as politeness and private rights of individuals. So what is driving this incivility about this issue of wearing a mask as we continue to fight this ongoing virus?

Many companies are requiring that all their employees be vaccinated and perhaps also wear masks or be tested for COVID-19 as required. Many universities and colleges are also requiring the same procedures for the safety of all students and the educational staff on campus.

In some cases, people who refuse to be vaccinated are being fired from their employment. Individuals on airplanes who become uncivil about masks or any other kind of disruption are being arrested for their actions.

As for the part of the definition of civility (private rights of the individual), perhaps those who refuse to be vaccinated and wear a mask believe it is their right to do so.

I can understand their point of view, but they must also understand the rights of others who do wear masks and get vaccinated, for that is their choice.

We as a society must review and try to understand why this issue has become what it is today. Why the hatred and rage by individuals on not only this issue, but also many others?

One other issue that comes to mind is this ongoing problem of road rage. We have seen and heard of this on television news and newspapers with some tragic consequences. Innocent people have died and usually by gunfire.

Here in the Albuquerque metropolitan area, we have a problem about motorists speeding and also something called excessive unsafe driving. Perhaps this speeding and excessive unsafe driving may also lead to road rage.

So going forward, what are the solutions about these people being uncivil in their actions, knowing that in some cases, people die?

Uncivil behavior takes place in many areas. Lately we see it in politics, schools, on our roads, city and school board meetings. Threats are being made to people for doing their jobs.

Therefore, we see that some of these people are quitting their employment or quitting their volunteer positions.

I am ending this letter by asking parents to educate their children about what being civil is all about. Being polite to all people is the key.

As a society, we must do better because if we don’t, innocent people will continue to die.

Thomas E. Carter
Rio Rancho