I just read your story in the Observer about the city preparing to fix more roads.

Perfect timing because I’ve been wondering when the city is planning on getting around to starting on Spring Road NE from Unser to Mesa.

The bond was approved during the election a few years ago, but we have seen no work, or anything to indicate that Spring is even on the city’s radar.

Yet, May Circle on both sides of Sara has been done, or is being done. Kevin Hendricks had a story that 19th is being done, and your story mentions several other, newer roads that are in the works.

Spring Road is a disaster. I refuse to drive on the section between Western Hills and Unser because it is so broken down and full of potholes.

I know Spring kept getting put on the back-burner because it would involve a complete renovation of water and sewer lines along with repaving. But this is getting ridiculous. We’ve lived on Spring for 27 years and have never had any work done.

Spring is a shortcut to the high school for many in the neighborhood. And now with the addition of all the homes on Silent Spring (the continuation of Spring Road between Mesa and Chessman) Spring is getting a lot more traffic.

Can you please check with the city and find out when, or if they plan to refurbish our road.

Sandy O’Dell

Rio Rancho