No Transparency in local government on economic developments for Bio-Labs: the dangers and land grab in Sandoval County.

NTx (Natures Toolbox, Inc.) is located on Innovation Way in Enchanted Hills. Does anyone really know what they do and who they are affiliated to?

They create mRNA vaccines and are a research facility that started in Santa Fe at Santa Fe Community College by the endorsement and movement of Sen. Martin Heinrich and the mayor at the time, Javier Gonzales. The facility moved to Rio Rancho Enchanted Hills for bigger space and to promote big pharma business, a space to do research. The former director of Los Alamos was one of the first board members of the facility in Rio Rancho, Charles McMillian.

A NEPA report discusses the need for expansion of LANL’s bio lab expansions to a 50-mile radius from Los Alamos for development of housing for the biologists and staff. Los Alamos is overpopulated as traffic is a major concern, and the facility is old and would need an uplift to its buildings. This expansion is for warehousing, research and development purposes of the mRNA technology. This industry is huge!

New Mexico has an NM BioScience Authority for conducting a robust bio industry. To bring millions to Rio Rancho first and then to the state’s economic development. This Bio Lab in Rio Rancho is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and throughout the United States and globally. It has been funded and in collaboration with NIH/Los Alamos National Labs/Sandía Labs/Air Force Labs per the NM BioScience Authority. They work with NTx and a patent was created for development purposes.

Rio Rancho is zoned for C-2 (special use zoning also) — warehousing, research and development to house this industry. This is a requirement for the NEPA CFR codes they follow regarding the movement of new facilities in the 50-mile radius of LANL. Santa Fe County also has moved in the direction of development in the eyes of the public to preserve the lands for nature, when in reality they are moving to develop in Golden, New Mexico, (162 acres) and develop the long-term planning goal to build a road from Algodones and the freeway (I-25) to La Madeira for new home acre lots to house the big hiring frenzy coming in a few months to the area they will have housing for staff and for BioScience biologists in the area to be able to be transported back and forth to LANL via shuttles to cut back on the traffic congestion going up the mountain to LANL. This land grab is vital for the labs to grow and work for global vaccine creations.

Does New Mexico want this industry; is it safe to have in New Mexico? Were we ever asked? What could happen in a lab that creates vaccines? Look at our cancer rates already in New Mexico, and our immune diseases? Leaks from chemicals being developed as mRNA is not from naturally based products, it’s a lipid-nano particle, mRNA “synthesis” or modification creation of a spike protein. Also, studying cellular components, biofuels, genomic sequencing, and is a pathogen biology, incorporating inorganic polyphosphate-based energy regeneration system.

Is this environmentally safe as we have moved now from nuclear LANL driven to bioweapons/labs with mRNA creations? Where is the transparency?

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Jodilynn Ortiz