Sandoval County:

Sandoval Economic Alliance has economic and workforce information on its website:

    • Sandoval County, like the rest of the state and country, struggled in 2020, as a result of COVID-19 and the resulting shutdown of so many industries.
    • According to the Bureau of Business & Economic Research (BBER), recovery from COVID-19 is progressing in the state but not as quickly as in some other states.
      • Factors affecting Sandoval County’s recovery
        • According to the Arrowhead Center at New Mexico State University, top industries in the County Include:
          • Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
          • Retail Trade
          • Mining
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        • According to BBER, Industries are still struggling to return to pre-COVID growth:
          • Arts, Entertainment & Recreation is
          • Retail
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  • Economic recovery is expected to continue but more slowly than had been anticipated due to the uptick of COVID-19 cases in the county.