Dan Darnell of Waste Management on the Rio Rancho landfill: “Our landfill is permitted through 2028.  We are nearing the end of the life of the landfill, but we don’t anticipate its closure before the expiration of our permit. Post closure the site will continue to be monitored by us for an extended number of years while at the same time our plan is to turn it into a beneficial public use open space.”

Stephen Montoya of Sandoval County government on county landfill: “We are about 10 to 15 years out from relocating. We have a patch of land that we already own and are looking at moving to, but we still need to find funding for a road to this location and funding for infrastructure as well. Our move really comes down to proper funding

Question: When I moved here nine years ago, I bought my home with the understanding that the County dump near me was supposed to close in two years A few years later the closing date was moved back five years, while a new dump was supposedly being readied. Now, and for the past year or two, I can get absolutely no information from the County or the City regarding the dump. Any info you can elicit would be most helpful and appreciated.

The only other recourse I seem to have is to organize all those who live in proximity to the dump to demand our homes be reassessed downward, inasmuch as the situation has clearly negatively affected the value of our homes.

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