Jeremy Lambert, 48, of Albuquerque, had a warrant out for his arrest for vehicle theft in Albuquerque and he was arrested Jan. 24 for possession of a controlled substance at the post office on Pinetree Road in Rio Rancho.

Officers were in the area of the post office and saw a man they recognized as Lambert driving a PT Cruiser in the parking lot. They stated in their report that they recognized him through numerous previous encounters.

When he was checked through their systems for any outstanding warrants, he was found to have an active felony warrant for his arrest. Officers saw him park the vehicle and get out and enter the post office. A few minutes later he exited and Special Services Unit officers contact him in the parking lot. He was arrested for his warrant.

During a inventory search upon his arrest, officers found a crystallike substance in his right sweatpants pocket.

Officers identify the substance as crystal meth.

Lambert could face 3 years in prison for the possession and auto theft charges.