The Waffology staff, from left, are chef Triston Woody, chef and culinary partner Alfredo Trujillo, chef David Narvaiz, intern Chris Bond, chef Lucy Romero, server Iris Pecorelli and owners Aaron and Kanisha Hundley. Carl Knauf photo.

When a person thinks of waffles, it’s normally affiliated with two things: breakfast or chicken.
Waffology owners Aaron and Kanisha Hundley are out to share their passion for the famed fluffy delight. They also hope to educate others on how those series of small squares are versatile and can be crafted into delicious art.
The Hundleys didn’t let a pandemic slow them down. Due to hard work and a love for the community, they opened Waffology as within the same building as their other Corrales restaurant, C3’s Bistro.
“Corrales has a reputation of supporting businesses that are there,” Aaron explained. “Waffology was something that I’ve always been wanting to do, so I thought, ‘Let’s launch it.’ It’s generated a lot of excitement.”
In November 2020, the Hundleys opened C3’s Bistro. The French Quarter-inspired creole spot has survived and served the community since.
Aaron Hundley said Corrales is an ideal location to open up new concepts. Other than a few staples, there aren’t many similar spots within the surrounding radius.
Although the village isn’t a high-traffic area, it’s not far from Rio Rancho and Albuquerque.
“Over 75 percent of who we serve are Corraleseños. In my career, I’ve always looked at where I can make a splash that’s not over-saturated. I’ve always loved breakfast and it’s something you can have fun with. It’s the only meal that doesn’t come with rules,” Aaron said.
Waffology menu items’ names have as much creativity as the dishes — with a focus on education. “The Syllabus” features “Teacher’s Pet” appetizers, “Favorite Subjects” entrées, “Bad Influence” dishes for the less advantageous, and “Detention/Extra Credit” desserts.
Due to the size of the kitchen, there is some crossover inspiration with C3’s, but most of Waffology’s menu is of a different style.

No Mas Bagel. Carl Knauf photo.

• The “No Mas Bagel” is a lightly-crisped waffle with brown sugar butter-syrup and cream cheese;

The Under Achiever. Carl Knauf photo.

• The “Dave,” named after its creator, chef David Narvaiz, features carne adovada, cheese and potatoes on a blue corn waffle;
• The “Under Achiever” provides the classic taste of biscuits and gravy; and
• The “Pecan Pie” satisfies the sweet tooth with a warm mixture of caramelized pecans coating a scoop of vanilla ice cream atop a waffle.
Waffology also has gluten-free and vegan options.
“There’s a need for that diversity of cuisine,” Aaron said. “We have this big building, and people are only going to eat Cajun creole food so often a week, and we saw that. I said, let’s just turn this into our own little food hall of sorts. Instead of having it offered simultaneously, we’ll just have different concepts on different days.”
The Hundleys cater to the customer. They value using local vendors and making connections not only in the industry, but also with the people.
The Hundleys have done school fundraisers and sponsorships.
“Corrales has done very well for us, and we’re thankful for that,” Aaron said. “We try to get involved as we can. Corrales has supported us and we intend to be here for a good amount of time.”
Expansion is a possibility for the Hundleys. Having established roots in the village and Rio Rancho, another C3’s location and an extended concept of Waffology is a future plan.
“Our motto is anyone from any walk of life can come into our restaurant,” Aaron stated.
Waffology is at 4940 Corrales Road and open Tuesday-Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.