This year’s March 1 city election offers clear and good choices for investing in a growing Rio Rancho.

Bond measures for roads and public safety continue voters’ choices to add to public safety and road infrastructure without raising taxes.

In previous election cycles, Rio Rancho voters approved similar measures overwhelmingly.

A new option — to create a city permanent fund — is also a smart investment.

A housing boom, unexpected revenue from pandemic spending on local goods and services, and careful budgeting have produced a $10 million, one-time windfall. Do we spend it now or invest?

We believe Rio Rancho and its diverse citizen needs are better served by creating a permanent fund.

Conditions that helped produce the $10 million may not recur anytime soon. The fund would be a bulwark against leaner times and a boon in good times.

Each year, the fund’s growing interest would be split 50-50, half used to pay for roads, public safety, parks, emergency medical response, library services and other needs and the other half re-invested into the fund.

No tax or fee increases are needed to create and maintain the fund.

Three generations apart, Benjamin Franklin and Warren Buffet agree on this: Investing in yourself is the best interest you can earn.

We believe investing in your community is close behind.

Please support the permanent fund charter amendment and Rio Rancho bond issues.

Julian Garza, Matt Spangler, Richard Draper
Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce