Drone Show(Michaela Helean/Observer)


Balloon Fiesta celebrated 50 years of operation with a drone show Sunday October 9.

The park put on the extensive show every morning and night during the Fiesta.  The show was put on by a collective of 300 drones.

Each drone has LED lighting, propellers and GPS systems to keep it aligned.  According to Balloon Fiesta’s website, the show required skillful programming and software.

As for the 50th Birthday, it featured at least 600 registered balloons according to the website.

But hot air balloons have been around much longer than 1972. According to the Chateau De Versailles website, the first flight of a hot air balloon occurred in Paris, France at the palace of Versailles. This was in 1783 by the Montgolfier brothers who were well know scientists of the day.

That flight was mostly successful until the balloon fabric tore under the pressure.

Now, 238 years later, New Mexico continues to hold one of the most interactive art and science displays of our time.