Edilberto Camacho Jr., 30, of Rio Rancho, was served with a warrant for his arrest for a slew of crimes including kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, shooting at or from a vehicle, tampering with evidence, use of telephone to harass/terrify, interference with communications, littering, trespassing, negligent use of a deadly weapon and larceny on Oct. 5 in Bernalillo.

Detectives were assigned to the case in response to reports of a shooting and possible kidnapping, and interviewed the alleged victim.

She told them that she had not seen Camacho for a while as she was trying to stay away from him after a different incident and that he had beat her.

She then met with Camacho to discuss a storage unit Oct. 5. She said he got upset with her because she had been hanging out with another man.

“He freaked out and just while we were driving through Rio Rancho,” she told police. “He said I’d be taking him somewhere in Bernalillo.”

She told officers that Camacho was “getting crazy, pulling my hair and pistol-whipping me,” while she was driving. He then started to push the gun he was holding into her stomach and said if she stopped driving, he would shoot her.

She said eventually they got to a dirt road and pulled up to a boarded-up house that a friend of theirs owned. Police believe the house was on Calle Cielo Vista in Bernalillo.

Camacho then ordered her to turn off the headlights and hit her with the gun. She said they were fighting for the gun when it went off inside the car.

After it went off, she said the altercation continued. She tried to push him off of her and take the gun. He exited the vehicle and she told him to go. He attempted to hit her again with the gun, but she used her weight to push him out of the car. She then shut the door and locked it.

She said she reversed and drove off. As she was driving away, she said he shot at her vehicle. She counted four shots and saw damage to the hood, her back window and near a back passenger door.

She pulled over on Sheriff’s Posse Road and anonymously called the police. Camacho tried many times to contact her and even tried to go through her friends after she blocked him.

Officers went with the victim to the house where the shooting occurred. She showed them where everything happened.

They asked her how many times Camacho pointed the gun at her withe the barrel to her. She said he never put the gun down. When she would slam on the brakes to try and thwart him, he would grab her and pull her toward him aggressively.

She said Camacho told her the gun was not stolen and that someone bought it for him. She added that every time she saw him, the gun was in a holster near his chest.

He also reportedly attempted to break her phone, but she kicked it under her seat so she could call police later.

The victim said incidents like this happened four times before. She also stated she was in the hospital approximately a week and a half before this and that he came to the hospital and pulled out her IV before he ran from hospital security.

Police found hard evidence, including bullet holes, footprints and fingerprints, that matched the story, so they requested a warrant for Camacho’s arrest.

Camacho, if convicted, will face a total of more than 18 years in prison on all the charges.