U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez, District 2, again urged Texas Gov.Greg Abbott to immediately remove the barrier recently installed to divide New Mexico and Texas.

Vasquez sent a letter to Abbott Wednesday noting that the barrier affects travel between New Mexico and Texas and directly violates the United States Constitution.

“I write today to denounce the construction of your Texas-New Mexico concertina wall and demand the immediate removal of this unconstitutional barrier,” Vasquez wrote. “This interstate barrier was erected without input from a single official from the state of New Mexico. Furthermore, not a single impacted stakeholder or elected official was consulted in this process, including the International Boundary and Water Commission — the commission responsible for the U.S-Mexico boundary and the enforcement of water treaties.”

Vasquez said he is committed to solving the real challenges the nation faces at the U.S.-Mexico border and the immigration system with bipartisan, common-sense proposals. Vasquez will introduce a package of bipartisan bills this week to address several of these pressing issues.

Vasquez grew up in an immigrant family, working on the U.S.-Mexico border and is experienced in conversations on immigration reform in Congress. As the first in his family to become an American citizen, Vasquez is committed to addressing the pressing challenges faced by border communities, migrants and border security personnel.

“As an elected official representing the state of New Mexico, this is concerning. But even more concerning is the danger the wall poses for Americans to travel to hospitals, first responders’ timeliness in responding to a crisis, and delays for the U.S. Border Patrol crossings to the border,” Vasquez wrote. “Your wall is unconstitutional, but above all, it endangers the lives of Americans. I call for the immediate removal of this barrier and urge you to work with Congress on real solutions to protect Americans.”