In close Sandoval County races Tuesday night, winners take their seats after being within 6 percent of opponents.

All 139 precincts in Sandoval County have reported unofficial results.

Republicans David Heil and Jay C. Block won re-election to Sandoval County Commission. Democrat Anne Brady-Romero pulled ahead for the county clerk race, and Democrat Jennifer A. Taylor garnered the county treasurer seat, according to unofficial results on the New Mexico Secretary of State’s website.

Over 75,000 ballots were counted in Sandoval County Tuesday night, with about 72 percent voter turnout in the county.

The election results are unofficial until canvassed.

County clerk:

Brady-Romero took a slight lead for county clerk with about 51 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results. Republican Lawrence D. Griego has about 49 percent of the vote.

Democrat incumbent Eileen Garbagni did not run for re-election, as she’s served the legal limit of two terms.

County treasurer:

Jennifer A. Taylor

Taylor was winning the county treasurer seat with about 53 percent of the vote, with Republican Benay P. Ward taking about 47 percent of the vote.

Incumbent Treasurer Laura Montoya, a Democrat, served her term limit after being elected in 2012 and 2016.



County commission, District 2:

Jay C. Block

With about 51 percent of the vote, incumbent Block, a Republican, was re-elected to the county commission for District 2. He was elected in 2016 and has served as vice chairman on the commission since 2019.

Block’s opponent, Democrat Leah Ahkee Baczkiewicz, took 49 percent of the vote.



County commission, District 4:

David J. Heil

Incumbent Heil, another Republican, was re-elected to county commission for District 4 with about 53 percent of the vote. He was elected in 2016 and is the commission chairman.

Challenger Alexandria C. Piland, a Democrat, took about 47 percent of the vote.


County commission, District 5:

F. Kenneth Eichwald

Incumbent F. Kenneth Eichwald, a Democrat, took the county commission seat for District 5 unopposed, as he did in 2016. He narrowly beat Democrat Taylor Pinto in the primary election in June.


General obligation library bond question:

About 62 percent of Sandoval County voters said yes to the general obligation library bond question. The GO bond would allocate about $1.98 million repaid from property taxes to purchase books, equipment and upgrades to libraries around the county.

It replaces a bond that has been repaid, so it will not raise property taxes, but keep them the same.