A Ponderosa man is facing a first-degree murder charge with court records indicating a depraved mind.

Sandoval County deputies arrested David Salazar, 46,  Monday, Jan. 30, for murder at a residence in Ponderosa. The victim was identified as Joseph Keleher, 59, a teacher for Jemez Valley Schools.

According to the arrest report provided by the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy was dispatched to Salazar Lane, at Highway 290, at about 12:30 p.m. They were told someone named Richard Salazar was calling to report a tenant had possibly been shot in his residence.

At the scene, the deputy states a man said he couldn’t speak to them because “this was a tribal matter and had called for a TO (Tribal Official).” The man shook the deputy’s hand and identified himself as David Salazar.

Salazar told the deputy there was a dead person in one of the cabins, a teacher from the Jemez Valley Schools. While the deputy looked for the cabin Salazar had referenced, an older couple showed them which one it was. They then saw a shattered window, and inside was a deceased man, identified as Keleher, laying face down with gunshot wounds to the back. There was a small trail of blood droplets leading to the body, the document states.

The deputy walked back to their unit and met back up with Salazar.

They asked Salazar how he knew about the dead man. Salazar claimed the man had molested a middle school-aged family member and “people” told him the deceased man entered the house when he wasn’t there.

Salazar did not answer the deputy when asked why he didn’t get law enforcement to help.

He then told the deputy, “I shot him,” according to the document.

The deputy had seen Salazar in his Corvette earlier and Salazar recalled also seeing the unit. The deputy then asked why he didn’t come get them. He said he just wanted justice for his family.

He then said, “This was a setup but take me I will do the time.”

Salazar was then handcuffed based on those statements.

While the deputy was waiting to transport Salazar, he said he was a “head cacique” of all nine tribes in New Mexico. Salazar also explained the kills he does were what made him “cacique” and had his first confirmed kill at the age of 7.

He said he needed to commit “honor killings” to maintain the “cacique” title and said the governor would have record of that, according to the officer’s report.

Salazar was then transported for the interview and booking process. He remains on the inmate roster at the Sandoval County Detention Center.