Unprofessional conduct is a hallmark of the some of the city’s managers.

So it was no surprise to me to read that in response to the Observer’s well-researched article on Ram Motors, the city’s public affairs manager has decided to no longer provide comments on city business unless the Observer goes through an arduous request for public records.

As a board member of the Friends of Libraries and Literacy, we encountered other city managers who displayed unprofessional behavior as the city unilaterally terminated our longstanding Memo of Understanding (MOU) in August.

In my over 40 years as an engineer and manager, I never encountered such unprofessional language, both written and spoken. For example, during a meeting with city representatives, a city manager described the MOU as “garbage.” Certainly not the conduct you would expect from highly paid civil servants.

The problems are not with the city rank-and-file workers; some of them have apologized to the Friends for the city’s shenanigans in regard to our removal from the city libraries.

The citizens of Rio Rancho need the Observer as a watchdog over city government. A free flow of information from the city is needed to accomplish that role.

Michael Jackovich

Rio Rancho