A rendering of the exterior of the Twisters on Ridge Rock Road in Rio Rancho displays new colors the company is incorporating in its color scheme.

There is a plot twist at the Twisters in Rio Rancho with an adjusted menu and a new aesthetic.

Renovations at the Twisters on Ridge Rock Road have begun, and seven other Twisters will be renovated as well. The company is reinvesting about $250,000 into its restaurants, said Chief Operating Officer Bahjat Shariff.

Twisters is using one of its Rio Rancho restaurants to test the new menu design and food items, like the Renegade Burger with two patties and Hatch green chile.

“How could you not have a burger with green chile on it and authentic green chile from Hatch in New Mexico?” Shariff asked.

He said the burger is authentic to New Mexico, like Twisters is.

“Our team and myself are committed to an amazing food and dining experience for all of our valued customers and are committed to our community,” Shariff said. “We are always looking for wonderful people to join our team as well.”

He hopes the new menu will be in all Twisters locations by Nov. 14.

The new menu is easier to read with its new color scheme and pictures; this menu and renovation design came to fruition over 65 days, he said.

This is fast but, Shariff said, Twisters is not trying to reinvent itself. He is pushing to highlight Twisters’ fresh meats and green chile sauces that are made every day.

“We are very, very proud of what we have; now we are just trying to tell the story,” he said.

Renovations to the Rio Rancho store are estimated to be completed by the end of the year.

“We think a test in Rio Rancho will be a true test for people to really fall in love with this,” Shariff said.

For more information, visit mytwisters.com.