Nico Ortiz, owner of Turtle Mountain Brewing Company, obtained a liquor license at the April 27 city council meeting. His goal is to move brewing from the main location on Southern Blvd. to the Enchanted Hills location.

“We’re relocating the entire brewery. We are investing in Rio Rancho and Enchanted Hills,” Ortiz told council members.

Turtle Mountain now occupies the entire building at the Enchanted Hills location. Therefore, there is more room in the 15,000-square-foot building for the brewery there than the main location. They ran out of production space at the Southern Blvd. location.

“That part of Rio Rancho has gotten the short end of the stick. It is great to see investment focused on that area,” Ortiz added.

The time frame in which the move will happen is not clear, but the liquor license will kick things into gear for the brewing company.

Councilor Bob Tyler expressed his appreciation for Ortiz and Turtle Mountain. His district includes Enchanted Hills.

“Nico, I want to tell you how much we appreciate your involvement in Rio Rancho and Enchanted Hills,” Tyler said.