A bill that would ban discrimination against a transplant recipient based solely on a physical or mental disability is moving quickly through the New Mexico Senate.

Craig Brandt

SB 158, sponsored by Sen. Craig Brandt (District 40-Rio Rancho), passed the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously on Saturday.

The bill was named “Glory’s Law” after a local child, Glory Sellers. Sellers has Down Syndrome and a heart defect, and could face a transplant in the future. The bill will land on the senate floor Tuesday.

“Tomorrow we will hear it on the floor, and I expect it to be unanimous on the floor as well,” Brandt told the Observer Monday.

Brandt, the Senate Republican Whip, said the bill will be heard by the House on Wednesday.

“This will be the feel-good bill of the year,” he said. “None of us want to see someone lose their life just because they can’t get an organ donation.”

The bill, he added, “should pass the House on Wednesday.”