It’s important for people to remember, that all people who work for a government paycheck (from librarians to teachers, cops to the president, judges to street sweepers) work for you, the taxpayer, and not the other way around. We the people, can hire them or fire them, through conventional means, or through elections or impeachment. With that goes their obligation to be transparent, to follow the law, to earn their salaries, to be ethical, honest and transparent.
The attempted cover up by the police and various city of Rio Rancho politicians and staff, (after the tragic death of a toddler by an accidentally discharged firearm) is one example. That cost you, the taxpayer, $43,729 for violating the Open Records Act. One of the best things that happened recently for the citizens of this state was the cessation of so called “qualified immunity,” which means that government employees, and perhaps most relevant the police, can now be held personally liable for violating the civil rights of those that pay their salaries or other blatant acts of ethics or law violations. It’s unfortunate that in typical fashion of the modern version of the GOP, many career politicians and lifelong recipients of taxpayer funds want to undo this…the same way they want no accountability for insurrectionists, traitors and seditionists from those that engaged in the unpatriotic attack on Jan. 6th, to the many times convicted former president that encouraged it. We the people deserve to know what those that are paid by us are doing with our tax dollars, and we need to hold them responsible for any illegal or unethical acts.
In short, force them to do their jobs correctly, or replace them, fire them, prosecute and incarcerate them. They owe you, you do not owe them. They work for, and answer to you, you do not answer to them.
Bruce Hutchinson
Rio Rancho