ALBUQUERQUE — A local foot-and-ankle surgeon learned the newest ways to help his patients see better results with a mobile training lab in early March.

Stryker Mobile Lab spent March 9-12 in Albuquerque, training orthopedists and podiatrists from across the state in the latest technology and procedures in their specialized fields. Training took place in the lab truck outside the Marriott Albuquerque hotel.

Dr. Daniel Peterson

Dr. Daniel Peterson, an orthopedic surgeon at Rio Rancho’s Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico clinic, was among the providers attending. He specializes in complex foot deformity and total ankle replacement.

“Mobile labs are important to practice real-life case situations on cadavers to work out any mistakes or tips or tricks that can make the actual real-life case scenario go far better,” Peterson said. “It is vital to the foot and ankle surgery to have mobile labs such as these to make surgeons more prepared and better trained in the surgeries that they are performing.”

According to Peterson, having a mobile lab also helps surgeons who want to perfect their procedure or try new, innovative techniques have the opportunity to practice. The labs provide a unique opportunity to have access to all the equipment surgeons would have in an operating room.

“Technology is advancing very quickly in the foot and ankle world, necessitating abundant practice with new advanced surgical implants and techniques better designed to get patients going faster, minimize dissection and scarring, and facilitate quicker post-op recovery,” Peterson said.

Stryker spokesman Dillan Christensen said the mobile lab is mean to train surgeons on current and upcoming techniques and give them hands-on experience.

“The mobile lab is different than classroom education in that the surgeon is able to get hands-on experience in a non-OR (operating room) setting,” Christensen added. “The surgeon is able to train on many different procedures on one cadaver specimen, which provides excellent opportunity versus traditional classroom learning.”

He said the lab provides real-life experience and highly trained representatives who walk surgeons through procedures in detail.

Professionals who attended the Stryker Mobile Lab trained on new and core technologies surrounding foot and ankle deformity correction and trauma procedures, Christensen said. These technologies included treating bunions, hammertoes, ankle fusion, ankle fractures and total ankle replacement.