RIO RANCHO – The New Mexico Department of Transportation said Friday that on US 550 between NM 528 and NM 347 (Paseo del Volcan), it will be installing deceleration lanes along US 550 in addition to changing the Paseo del Volcan northbound right lane movement.

The project will begin on Sept.26.

The northbound right lane will follow the traffic signal heads for its lane. Vehicles can still make their right turn on a green light. Vehicles are permitted to make a right on red after stop only. Vehicles making this movement must stop on the red light and proceed at their own discretion to find their gap on US 550 before proceeding.

There will no longer be a free flow lane from northbound Paseo del Volcan to eastbound US 550. The acceleration lane will be removed so vehicles making a right will be expected to merge directly into US 550 eastbound traffic.

Please look for the variable message boards for reminders of this modification on Paseo del Volcan and US 550.