This should be required reading by all fans and parents watching their child play ball.

There is a huge shortage of youth umpires because there are too many “wannabe umpires” in the stands and dugouts, and it has gotten out of control!

Be there to support the kids, say nice things and quit bashing other teams’ players, coaches and parents.

The things I have heard from the stands from younger teams’ fans and parents is sickening.

I will not have you chase off new young women and men umpires by your lack of respect and rudeness.

No one is perfect, including you or my umpires. Most calls are judgment calls — their judgment not yours from the stands or the dugout.

Remember there are lots of young ears listening to your foul mouth and if you want to continue to watch and cheer for your child, I would suggest you take a long, hard look at your behavior.

I am looking for umpires and would love to have you email me (griegomar[email protected]) to get you information on how to become a umpire.

Martha Griego
Rio Rancho