In this file photo, king penguins explore their habitat at the ABQ BioPark before the exhibit’s grand opening in July 2019. It closed in October to protect the penguins from the avian flu. (Greg Sorber/Journal)

ABQ BioPark’s Penguin Chill exhibit partially reopened Saturday, after it was closed in October to protect penguins from the threat of the highly pathogenic avian influenza, or HPAI.

“While cases of avian influenza have decreased, wild birds are still at risk, but we do feel safe enough to open the penguin chill exhibit back up here at the BioPark in a limited capacity,” Ashley Bauer, the park’s assistant curator of birds, said in an ABQ BioPark YouTube video.

All underwater viewing will be open, but the building’s upper level will be restricted to staff only. “These measures will lower the chances of visitors tracking in this highly contagious virus, which could pass on to penguin caretakers’ shoes, ultimately endangering the penguins,” ABQ BioPark’s website says.

A few lucky visitors might be able to catch a glimpse of the gentoo penguin chick born during the closure, Bauer says.