Sandoval County Sheriff Jesse James Casaus told the Observer on Wednesday that he believes the candy filled with THC that Algodones students ingested was obtained by a parent “unbeknownst” to them. 

The sheriff’s office has assigned an investigation team to look into the matter further. 

So far, there are no suspects, but that could change depending on what the team finds, Casaus said. 

On Monday morning, 14 Algodones elementary school students were hospitalized after eating THC-infused candy. 

As of Tuesday, the students “were all back and feeling better again,” Bernalillo Public Schools Superintendent Matthew Montano told the Observer. 

Some of the students felt lethargic. Others were nauseous, Montano said. 

Casaus said the THC candy looked like a sour punch straw. 

It is unknown how much THC was in the candy, he said. 

On April 1, New Mexico opened the doors to recreational cannabis, by making the drug legal for adults.