Sunday, Aug. 21 was Sunday is Funday. Despite weather PREDICTION of rain, it was a glorious NM day.
Our organization welcomed the chance to meet and speak “without thumbs and being just a face on a 3×5 screen.”

Close up, in-person, real smiles, great fun.

The kudos go to David Heil, Kiwanis, and City of Vision Civitan.

The time flew by and exiting with all our booth supplies was as precise as entry had been. Thanks to the Scouts, the department of recreation and many young volunteers we “old folks” were assisted, directed to our spaces and had the help needed to raise our canopy. It almost seemed that we were coming back to normal.

A great big thanks to all involved and I am so glad to be a Rio Rancho resident.

Patricia Socci, Convention of States DC23
Rio Rancho