According to a criminal complaint provided by the Rio Rancho Police Department, Antonio Romero, 38, of Corrales, was issued a summons on May 26 for battery and criminal damage to property at Walmart at Southern Blvd. and Unser Blvd.

Officers were dispatched to Walmart in reference to call about a domestic violence incident. Comments on the call said a female was yelling that someone hit her Tesla and left northbound on Unser.

The victim called 911 and said an occupant in the Tesla caused damage to his vehicle. They said the female and a male were in the Tesla. They added the male got out of the car, punched them in the face and punched the windshield of the car.

Officers located the victim in the Walmart parking lot and talked to them about the incident. The passenger side front windshield was shattered and pushed in.

The victim told officers that they were on the way home from the Isotopes game when they noticed headlights very close behind their car as they headed north on Unser. They said they were startled by how close it was.

When they came to a stop at the red light at Southern and Unser, the male later identified as Romero got out of the Tesla. Romero reportedly reached into the passenger window, grabbed the victim by the shirt and told them to stop cutting him off.

Romero continued to grab the victim and pulled on the door as well. Officers reported that they saw the door was bent outward and slightly separated from the window.

Romero then punched the windshield, causing it to shatter. The victim said they tried to block the Tesla to try and get the license plate number. Romero walked aggressively toward the victim and punched the side of his face as they were getting back into their car.

They told officers they were scared, so they drove off and immediately called police.

Officers did see that the left side of the victim’s face was swollen and the knuckles of his right hand were red.

Romero denied punching the victim.

Due to everything that happened, police issued Romero a summons.

If convicted, Romero could face up to 2 years for both crimes.