I am writing this letter as a form of support for the administration at V. Sue Cleveland High School here in Rio Rancho. Recently, the administration has come under attack by a small but vocal group of people in the community that have made defamatory comments about them and some staff members. This group has taken things out of context and in many cases have concocted outright fabrications.
Having taught for 35 years and having worked in two other school districts in the state, I can truly say that my tenure at Cleveland has been an amazing experience. The administration has been extremely supportive. I have noticed this support throughout the entire school with staff members and students. Cleveland has a wide variety of cultural and social groups. I have noticed that this administration is dedicated to all of these groups and to the needs of all students.
This criticism is coming from a small group of people who seem to want to make a name for themselves by attacking and attempting to destroy the reputations of others. How many times have we seen this in history?
Having moderate political beliefs, I am very concerned about the extremes in our modern political discourse from where this criticism seems to be coming. The attitudes that emerge from these political extremes, whether from the Super Woke to the Super MAGA are alarming. People from these extremes always talk about their rights but none of them talk about their responsibilities as members of society.
On a personal note, I am willing to sit and talk to anyone about their personal concerns but what should not be tolerated are public statements and personal grudges aired in a public forum that are destructive and hurtful to innocent people.
My advice to this group of critics is to take the beam out of your own eyes before you attempt to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.
Aristeo Antonio Flores
Rio Rancho