Cathy Contreras, owner of Metals & Threads in Rio Rancho, launched Coffee Glow Natural Beauty, making hygiene products like lotions and soaps with recycled coffee grounds. Her shirt says, “My birthstone is a coffee bean.” Matt Hollinshead photo.

Cathy Contreras is a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits coffee-scented lotion and soap provide for one’s skin — and psyche.

That’s why she launched her own product line, Coffee Glow Natural Beauty, earlier this summer, quickly realizing there’s a good share of interest — particularly from female clientele.

The products, made with recycled coffee grounds that Oval Dogs Coffee supplied, include body lotions, eye creams, lip glosses and soap bricks.

Based on her research, Contreras said coffee is supposed to help change the appearance of cellulite, exfoliate and refresh one’s skin and help reduce tiredness in legs and under-eye circles.

She also said some customers like the lip gloss because they like the coffee scent, but not all over their bodies.

According to Coffee Glow’s website, coffee also helps improve blood flow and has antioxidants.

“It exfoliates (skin) because of the texture, but also the smell wakes you up… The ingredients in the skin are supposed to lift your skin and firm it and tone it… It makes your skin smoother and exfoliated,” said Contreras, a silversmith who also owns Metals & Threads. “What I’m trying to do is create a little empire where it’s just everything coffee. I have the body products; I have jewelry that matches the coffee.”

Contreras said older female customers told her they love how the lotion feels on their legs and feet after a long day and that the scent invigorates them.

She said coffee enthusiasts in general also like the products because of their aroma. She also said gardeners, mechanics and anyone in a job where their hands get dirty like the soap because it removes the dirt and smell from their fingernails and softens their hands.

Contreras first bought a bar of coffee-scented soap at a craft fair a few years ago but didn’t have the seller’s contact information to purchase more. Later, scouring the internet, she found what she thought was coffee-scented soap, but realized it smelled more like perfume and had very few coffee grounds in it.

After learning Oval Dogs Coffee stopped making coffee-scented soap, Contreras said, she opted to create her own recipe and make the products herself.

“I’ve shipped (products) pretty much nationwide, and I make it all myself,” she said.

Contreras said she started making her products in late 2019 and rebranded them with the Coffee Glow name and website in May.

“All the products help with any kind of inflammation or puffiness,” she said.

Contreras said she’s planning to grow her product line for the winter holidays by adding products like peppermint-scented soaps because of the aromatherapy benefits.

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