Around 9 p.m. Oct. 27 Carlos Gustavo Arzate Enriquez sent a message to an acquaintance saying he was stranded in the Pajarito Mesa and needed gasoline.
Carlos Gustavo Arzate Enriquez, 23 (BCSO)

The acquaintance, thinking he was going doing a good deed, got in his car and brought a water jug full of gasoline to the 23-year-old standing next to a Jeep on the top of a hill near James Cook and Pajarito SW.

Then, as he turned around to drive away, the Jeep burst into flames. Enriquez jumped in his car, carrying two backpacks, and told him to “go, go, go, just go.”

Inside the Jeep was 30-year-old Samir Rodriquez and he had been shot nine times through his face and chest.

These are some of the details included in an arrest warrant affidavit for Enriquez. He is charged with murder, armed robbery, arson, criminal damage to property and tampering with evidence and has been booked into jail.

According to the affidavit, Enriquez told his acquaintance — who is referred to only as a “concerned citizen” — that he owed Rodriguez money and Rodriguez was going to kill him. When the concerned citizen dropped Enriquez off on the West Side a white Jeep was waiting for him and drove him away.

Shortly after the Jeep burst into flames Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies were called out to investigate. And about an hour and a half later Enriquez’s acquaintance called detectives to tell them what had happened. He said he met Enriquez at Sandia Casino and they two were playing Baccarat near the high limit are of the casino the day before.

Two days later, Sandia police officers arrested Enriquez on an immigration arrest warrant. He is being held in Cibola County. It’s unclear who his attorney will be.

When detectives searched the house he and his wife shared they found a 9 mm handgun covered in dried blood and Rodriguez’s wallet, according to the affidavit.