There is no denying the harmful effects of CO2 emissions on our planet. Yet, there are politicians who aren’t embracing sensible climate-friendly initiatives and some solutions that have proven to make a difference. The perfect example is carbon capture and storage technologies (CCS), which will be key to reducing our carbon footprint.
CCS technologies work by capturing CO2 emissions, such as car exhaust, and injecting them into underground storage away from the atmosphere. The oil and natural gas industry has been developing and using
CCS technology for decades, and other industries are beginning to use this process to reduce their own harmful emissions as well.
CCS technologies also benefit our economy if we invest in it properly. The process can enable improvements to our air quality but also open an entirely new industry, potentially creating up to 1.8 million jobs for the American people.
Thankfully, the Biden Administration has recognized the benefits of CCS technologies and the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Inflation Reduction Act are both dedicated to using these same technologies to reduce our carbon footprint.
As a proud American citizen, who is passionate about protecting the environment, I believe that CCS technologies are a step in the right direction to ensure a bright future for today’s youth, and limit the impact of CO2 emissions. It is more important now than ever to promote the widespread usage of CCS technologies.
Annie Cook