• New website feature showcases nonstop routes and destinations, with trip planning functionality

ALBUQUERQUE — Flying these days is fraught with peril.

From cancellations, to delays, to luggage ending up somewhere you weren’t intending to go, it isn’t easy to travel.

Albuquerque International Sunport, however, is trying to ease the pain.

The airport is partnering with software platform WhereWeFly to improve the online traveler experience and help drive demand for travel.

The interactive route map and video reels make it easy for passengers to explore destinations and find and book flights. The new experience, found on the Sunport’s website, includes:

  • Showcasing routes and destinations in a 3D map with a searchable directory
  • Personalizing search based on preferences and interests
  • Viewing flight times and airline details with links to book flights
  • Exploring destinations with immersive video guides that each traveler can personalize

“We’re investing in our digital infrastructure ahead of the physical improvements that we’ll see in the upcoming renovation,” said Richard McCurley, director of aviation for the City of Albuquerque.

The tool, he said, “makes it easier than ever to explore our nonstop routes and further enhances the user experience of our website.”

This new mobile-optimized, digital experience ties in with the Sunport’s goal of improving the ease of the traveler experience, from planning travel to arriving at their destination.

The tool can be seen here.