A Sandia Vista elementary student was bitten by a rattlesnake at school Monday morning, but is expected to recover, according to the school district.

Rio Rancho Public Schools sent a mass email to parents on Monday afternoon, informing them of the incident.

According to the email, a small rattlesnake bit the child during a morning recess. Immediately, school staff members moved all children from the area, and the child was taken for medical attention.

“It looks like the student is going to be OK and is in good hands receiving medical care,” according to the email.

“This is a good reminder that we live in a high desert environment and it is important to talk to children about the dangers that snakes may pose,” the email also said.

If children see a snake at school, they should stay away from it and immediately tell a teacher or staff member. If they’re outside playing or walking home, they should stay on paved areas and avoid brush or piles of debris, where snakes may hide in colder weather, according to the email.

For more information about snake safety, visit nmpoisoncenter.unm.edu/education/pub-ed/pp_tip_pages/venom_things.html.