Strongman competitor Jordan Anderson competes in the farmer walk event. This is Anderson’s favorite event. (Daniel Zuniga/for the Observer)



…it’s the, I think – THE most versatile show of strength that you can do — Strongman competitor Nick Fleming


On July 30, Rio Rancho’s Westside Power Gym hosted the Strongman Smoker competition.

The festivity took place right in the parking lot, and included food trucks, vendors, and, of course, lifting heavy things.

Strongman is a competition in which competitors test their pure strength, using a variety of different movements.

Hence the name. Strongman competitors tend to be some of the strongest people because their sole goal is to exert as much physical strength as possible.

“It’s Strongman. It’s not one of the more popular sports,” said Strongman competitor Nick Fleming. “It’s not powerlifting, it’s not CrossFit, it’s the, I think – THE most versatile show of strength that you can do.”

Fleming trains out of Iron Soul Gym in Albuquerque, and could be seen cheering on his fellow competitors because he knows all the work and dedication put into a single rep.

The Strongman competition featured a team medley division, a men’s division and a women’s division.

Two of the competitors in the female division were Xena Montoya from Westside Power Gym, and Jordan Anderson from Evolution Strength and Conditioning in Albuquerque.

“My favorite event is the Husafell (farmer walk). That’s that coffin looking thing up there,” Anderson said. “I get a lot of bruises from that, and that’s my favorite one.”

Strongman events and equipment differ from your average run-of-the-mill gym equipment.

“It has weights inside of it, you hold it to your chest, and our goal is to run a certain distance and back with it,” Anderson said.

The Strongman Smoker competition included events such as the Wagon Wheel Deadlift, the one-arm circus dumbbell press, the farmer walk, the sled pull and the 5 person medley.

“We are trying to be as strong as we can, and demonstrate our real strength,” Montoya said. “It was a lot of fun.”