Club Pilates Instructor Lexi Devore checks each member’s form while going through routines during a 9 a.m. class at the new facility in Plaza at Enchanted Hills.
(Stephen Montoya/ Rio Rancho Observer)

A chance workout has turned into a healthy entrepreneurial endeavor for local Club Pilates franchise owner Jessica Rule.

Rule, who is a certified pilates/yoga instructor and self-proclaimed health nut, is excited to have opened her third and biggest studio on the west side of the Plaza at Enchanted Hills.

This 3,000-square-foot facility offers several classes for different skill levels and has high-end state-of-the-art reformer benches.

“Attendance has been good,” Rule said. “We had projected numbers for our soft opening and we have exceeded those.”

The soft opening was in September.

Club Pilates Rio Rancho was scheduled to celebrate its grand opening this past Friday and today. The event includes donations to help ReadWest, a program designed to help adults learn how to read and speak English as a second language.

“All three of our locations are involved with local charities and non-profits because community is important to us,” she said.

Another aspect of importance for Rule is fitness, a factor that brought her into the Club Pilates franchise in the first place.

(Stephen Montoya/ Rio Rancho)

“I was on a trip with my husband and I just wanted a good workout in the morning…plus I like to try different fitness modalities and Club Pilates popped up as a suggestion,” she said. “After trying the class, I loved it.”

Rule said she loved the design of the studio and the way the classes flowed.

“It just checked every box for me as a business interest, and I kept talking about it with my husband,” she said.

Soon, Rule said she found herself in California doing a discovery day tour of the brand.

Since opening her first studio, Rule said, many members have shared with her and the instructors the benefits of having their mobility back after doing the exercises.

“The theme I have seen overall is that a lot of members weren’t able to keep up with the routines at other places,” she said. “And many of them because of this didn’t feel like they fit in. In this space, they feel like they fit in and can do the workout, which is important.”

Rule said she has members in their 30s doing the same exercises some of her 80-year-old members are doing and they all keep up with each other.

For more information on Club Pilates, email [email protected] or call 675-1818.