Jay Inventor’s response to my comments about the work on Southern Boulevard minimizes a number of the issues I raised.

At no point did I claim to be a “road-construction expert.” But having seen numerous examples of road work in a number of cities, I certainly feel, as a concerned resident, to offer my comments on the “progress” being done on Southern.

Mr. Inventor states that the final surfacing has not yet been done. Are they planning on closing the entire street to do so when the other side is completed?

So surfacing so far is only temporary? Why?

If the north side is not complete, why is the other side being done before one side is finished?

Plenty of sidewalks! Yes, the sidewalks on Southern will be restored.

But Sara Road only has a sidewalk on one side. NM 528 only had a sidewalk on one side till it was redone.

Many of our streets, including Country Club Drive, only have a sidewalk on one side. That is not plenty of sidewalks.

Oh, and the curbs at the Country Club sidewalks are still not redone. One side now has some tar piled up to make a makeshift ramp.

Since all the other streets on Southern that I have seen have full ramps, this is not acceptable.

Public transportation is a problem. Yes, it is a regional issue.

But if you only have a few buses with stops about a mile apart, you will not get more riders. And, as I have stated before, public transportation is a service for the residents.

And it is a service that is in short supply.

I do not mean to start a letter debate on the subject. Anyone who has to travel down Southern is aware of the problems.

If Mr. Inventor sees none, then I feel he is not being inconvenienced by this work.

If the work is done by October and one correctly, I, for one, will be thrilled.


Trina King

Rio Rancho