State Sen. Craig Brandt, a Republican who represents District 40-Rio Rancho, announced his introduction of the Education Freedom Act Monday.

The bill would allow parents more educational options by allowing them to choose the best school for their children.

“All students, regardless of their circumstances or ZIP code, deserve access to a high-quality education,” Brandt said. “The wealthy have always been afforded options for their children’s schooling, and it is time we make those options available to everyone else.”

The Education Freedom Act would use some of New Mexico’s surplus revenue to create a new fund that would be separate from the Public Education Department’s budget. If approved, the fund would help parents pay for private school tuition and other expenses.

“Parents should not be forced to re-enroll their child in a failing school year after year,” Brandt said. “Trapping students in failing schools has caused many of the inequities we have today, and until we prioritize students over systems, New Mexico will continue to be at the bottom of education in America.”