It’s that time of year again.

Turkey legs, funnel cake, pig races, wood carving and rides galore; that’s what awaits New Mexico M for Sept. 8 through Sept. 18.

Last year Expo New Mexico distributed vaccines to fight COVID. This year, it is hosting the state fair.

Since 1938, the state fair has been a place to celebrate local food, competition, culture, creativity and agriculture. People come from all over to witness the flashing lights, good food and music.

According to the N.M. State Fair website, it has consistently been in the top five ranked fairs in the nation based on affordability, programming and weather.

At very reasonable prices, see their prices here, people can participate in any number of traditions that the New Mexico State Fair brings. People can also download an app that the Expo provides to help people find their way to attractions.

Before you go, there are a few tips and tricks to going to the state fair:

  1. Plan the must-do’s out
  2. Look for fair deals
  3. Dress comfortably
  4. Wear sunscreen
  5. Drink water
  6. To avoid crowds, choose times and days carefully

As always, state police ask that people hydrate. They also advise parents to take a picture of their child before entering the state fair in case they get lost.

For a schedule of events click here.

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