New Mexico’s first sportsbook got a facelift this summer.

In June, Santa Ana Star Casino Hotel opened its new Legends Sportsbook, a newly constructed area within the casino featuring live ticket writers, self-serve betting kiosks, real-time in-game betting with a “spectacular” video and sound system.

The Star made history on Oct. 16, 2018, when it opened the first sportsbook in New Mexico and the second sportsbook on Indian lands in the United States.

“We started with a small sportsbook located in the middle of the casino where guests could make a bet and watch their game at the bar,” Director of Gaming Operations Ryan Heinis said. “It was our goal to test sports betting and see how it went before spending millions on an all-inclusive venue.”

The new sportsbook replaces the space of The Star’s night club, The Stage.

“It’s all about creating a great vibe. We now offer more betting features, state-of-the-art technology, delicious food and the best place to hang out alone or with friends,” John Cirrincione, CEO of Santa Ana Star Casino, said. “The TV itself is amazing. Even if you never make a bet, the 35-foot-wide TV is a must-see, and the food and drinks are exceptional.”

The star of the sportsbook is a 35-foot-wide, high-resolution state-of-the-art LED TV. The TV is a video wall that can actually show dozens of games at the same time. It sits behind the ticket counter and displays current odds on a loop.

“There are 13 additional big-screen TVs and all the sports packages to include NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA,” Heinis said. “We want to make sure that everyone can see their favorite team when they come in.”

Legends Sportsbook has purchased the NFL all-access package and will be able to show every game. Solo games on Monday and Thursday nights will be shown on the giant video wall. Heinis expects big crowds for football this fall.

“It’s going to be crazy fun in the book during football season; we are getting ready for the best season ever,” Heinis said.

Another amenity offered at the new sportsbook is live betting. Bettors can now make wagers on a game while it is still being played.

“As others set lofty goals to be like Las Vegas, we designed this for New Mexicans who deserve a first-class venue that they find fun and comfortable,” Cirrincione said. “Ryan has done a great job assembling the friendliest sportsbook team anywhere in the country. They will gladly help show you how to bet and make watching games more interesting. That’s the New Mexican way; we are fine with being our authentic selves.”

Home Plate restaurant, located within Legends, opens at 8 a.m. daily, with Legends betting starting at 9 a.m.

“I’ve been around sports betting since the early ’80s. We see Legends as a living entity,” Cirrincione said. “Yes, there are cool features like the Dodgers and Cubs scoreboard, baseball box dining areas, a row of stadium seats and the like. But it’s all about creating great experiences where memories can be made with friends or family.”