Sparklight Business announced Tuesday the launch of Business Wi-Fi Plus, an always-on, mesh Wi-Fi solution tailored for small-to medium-sized businesses that guarantees uninterrupted coverage, keeping businesses and their customers securely connected while delivering optimal speed and performance.

Sparklight, a broadband communications provider, partnered with eero, an Amazon company, to offer the eero Pro6E to deliver comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout the business, creating a wide-ranging signal that blankets the location with coverage.

With encryption and security protocols, eero systems are compatible with the strongest security standards available in consumer Wi-Fi today. In addition, for more advanced security, Business Wi-Fi Plus customers can take advantage of eero Secure to help keep their connected devices protected from online threats. Also available is SafeSearch, which filters out inappropriate web content; profile-specific content filtering; and ad, app and website blocking.

“Sparklight’s Business Wi-Fi Plus guarantees high-speed internet connectivity throughout an entire office space, offering the reliability, security and speed ideal for today’s small to medium-sized businesses,” said Chris Boone, senior vice president, Business Services and Emerging Markets.

The company’s new Business Wi-Fi Plus is managed through eero’s convenient and easy-to-use app, which enables customers to view and manage their network from anywhere, at any time.

“The Sparklight Business Wi-Fi Plus solution is equipped for Multiple SSIDs, enabling businesses to separate devices on their guest network from each other and from the business’s main network, while providing a more secure online environment for businesses and their customers,” Boone said. “With the capacity to securely connect up to 100 devices simultaneously, Business Wi-Fi Plus gives businesses and their customers a superior internet experience they can trust and rely on.”