Over the past two months the Observer has put the spotlight on our area’s businesses via our new business page, which appears the third Sunday of every month. Since its inception, this section, via the suggestion of some Rio Rancho’s most prominent business figures, has led to a lot of positive feedback.

At first glance, our city may seem stagnant when it comes to being on the cutting edge of industry, but after a little digging our staff has been pleasantly surprised to find otherwise.

Many new things are in the works for our area that may just be the catalyst for the economic boom we have been craving for years. New plans are in the works for places like the Plaza at Enchanted Hills, a new business mall on Northern Boulevard just east of the Walgreens, and many more development properties pose a blank template for various business opportunities on the Unser Gateway. Last week, we ran a story describing a plan by a local impact investor who wants to build a multi-story building on Southern Boulevard. So the city is abuzz with economic activity and we couldn’t be more pleased.

One of the initiatives that have helped us and will continue to move the city forward is the first phase of reconstruction of Southern Boulevard. Although slightly behind on schedule, this hefty project is almost complete and will add value to our city, not just aesthetically, but economically. The existing businesses on Southern Boulevard will be receiving a facelift, which in turn will add value to the property they are on. Also, this could be the magnet needed to attract new business to open in and around one of the oldest sections of town.

All of these things, combined with the constant push for the completion of Paseo del Volcan, could result in us being a real contender economically state-wide. Yes, all of these initiatives are plans for the future, but every great journey begins with a single step. If we continue in this fashion as a city and county, it is our firm belief that we will we be a place that other cities look at as an example of perseverance.

The Observer looks forward with great anticipation to watching all of these plans unfold in time. We will be the first on scene to recognize each economic step and its significance. We implore those of our readers interested in this growth to pick up our latest business section, which will be coming out on the 20th of this month.